Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Poesysite.com Pantuns

Aku mula menulis pantun dalam bahasa Inggeris pada tahun 2006, setelah dipelawa oleh George Manos, seorang ahli e-Sastera yang berpengkalan di Amerika Syarikat.  Beliau mengendalikan laman "Poesy" di alamat poesysite.com dengan memberi ruang untuk karyawan menghantar pantun-pantun dalam bahasa Inggeris ataupun pantun tradisional melayu yang diterjemahkan ke bahasa Inggeris.  Pantun-pantun tersebut boleh dilayari disini.

Koleksi karya pantun Inggeris yang telah dihasilkan diturunka di sini untuk dikongsi bersama.  Pantun bahasa Inggeris yang pertama dihantar pada 10 Oktober 2006:

Bette Davis Eyes
a gallon of tea and part thereof
shaking in the air with cubes of ice
fallen I for thee the beholder of
a sparkling pair of Bette Davis eyes

 Broken Heart

reeling happily skipping a merry
endowed to commence with chosen art
feeling so lonely sipping memory
how can you mend my broken heart?

Malaysian Pantun

hopping like cartoon entering bayou
flying to future to form Fantasia
hoping this pantun entertaining you
an alien culture far from Malaysia


the stork of the blue still wade for a mile
at the moor offshore the feet felt frozen
the thought of you will make me smile
what more in store to meet in person! 

National Day

 hall of arcade done by apprentice
the chime to steer situation at bay
half a decade gone by unnoticed
it's time to cheer our National Day

Mother's Day

a crucial moment of rain glooming hard
the cove bayou mums a bliss wonder dais
a special woman who reigns in my heart
my love to you Mom on this Mother's Day


pay all of audieu never hesitate
its a pure finest lantern on the rack 
may Allah bless you ruler of the state
His Royal Highness Sultan of Perak


 taming a ruckus rational slower
stride on dimension stall and secure
flaming hibiscus a national flower
pride of our nation a gallant allure

Better Half

a hunch so close like a simple glove
risk personal fame ply a little huff
a bunch of roses as symbol of love
with eternal flame to my better half


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